What is CBD?

What is all the buzz about CBD? It seems like everywhere you turn, there is a new article, post or advertisement about the positive impact CBD can have on your well being. What was once taboo and difficult to find is now widely available to all Americans- largely as a result of the 2014 Farm Bill's allowance of the use of industrial hemp. It is important to understand that while THC and CBD are both found in the cannabis plant, they have vastly different affects. While THC is recognized to be psychoactive, CBD contains no psychoactive properties, yet has helped many athletes and weekend warriors with their daily physical recovery efforts.

We started Recharg3d to spread awareness about what "better" can look and feel like. The FDA does not approve of making specific claims about the positive medical benefits of CBD. But there are articles for days of non-biased, personal accounts of how this "drug" has improved the lives of users ranging from professional athletes to cubicle workers to dogs and cats. The founders of Recharg3d truly believe in CBD and hope you experience the positive impact in your lives as well. As with any supplement, do your research and make sure it's right for you. Check out the FAQ section to learn more and do not hesitate to email us at info@recharg3d.com  with any questions. Thank you so much for your curiosity and desire to power your body!