Why CBD Works For Me

How can I best explain my experience with CBD? I'll start by telling you that I do not normally spend the time or energy to write product reviews/articles, yet here we are. My journey began after hearing all the buzz about this cannabis-derived wonder drug. Everywhere I looked was something about the positive benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). Like most things on the internet I assumed this was just another supplement plug driven by a few of the big supplement palyers, but my curiosity got the best of me.
I decided to try a full spectrum tincture (concentrated oil) as the reviews said this is the quickest way to relieve pain relief. Many of the ads boasted the ability to cure seizures along with several other intense health benefits, but the reason for my curiosity is that I workout 3-4 times a week and am perpetually sore in my joints and muscles. So much so that I would usually take a day or two break between workouts to recover.
This is the part where the internet surprised me- CBD actually worked for me! The best way I can explain my experience is this- you know how they say the best running shoes are the ones you forget you're wearing? CBD is that perfect running shoe, but for the entire body. The effects were not immediate in that a wave of relief did not consume me and all of my problems. But about mid-way through my first week taking CBD (approx 25 mg/day after workouts) I was sitting at my desk and started replaying the workout I did the previous morning- it was about 45 minutes of leg-focused metabolic conditioning (crossfit/bootcamp style workout). In the past, this same workout has caused me to struggle to stand at my desk, but not today! It was like oil for the tin man. Don't get me wrong, I could still tell I worked out the day before, but was not in pain and felt like I could actually do the same workout again that day.
Would I consider it an end all, be all panacea? No, but it makes my body feel at ease, decreases inflammation in my joints, and even takes the edge off of my day to day anxiety (sales job with quota to hit). And to me, this relief is worth every penny. No more ibuprofen, no more prescribed opioids, just natural pain relief and recovery.